One Drop Prescription: A High Speed YoYo Review


One Drop has been on a roll as of late. Since March of 2016 they have released a new model each month, with the exception of August. I can’t blame them for not releasing in August, they did release the four yo-yo Benchmark 2016 series in July which more than covers the break. Today I am taking their newest signature for one of their team members out for a spin, Jonathan Best’s signature throw to be exact, the Prescription. Best, also known as Doctor B, is a middle school teacher who has been throwing for over 20 years now and has seen many innovations come and go in the industry. When it came time to design his own throw he went to One Drop with a simple set of ideas. In his words:

“Give me the curves of the Cascade. Give me the weight and hand-feel of the Project 2. Tweak the weight distribution. Make sure the Projection Profile is juuuuust right. Oh, and Side Effects. Gotta have those.”

The P2 and Cascade are two of my favorites from back in the day so I am curious to see how throwing them together worked out.

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