New Dr. B Signature Yo-Yo – The One Drop Prescription!

One Drop team member Jonathon Best, aka Dr. B, has thrown thousands of yo-yos in his long yo-yo career, but nothing that was quite right. He knew he was missing something in his life, and as a doctor he came up with a diagnosis – He had… The need for the perfect yo-yo!

He prescribed himself a new signature yo-yo and after throwing it his prognosis is most excellent! This is his new signature model and the cure for what ails ya – The Prescription!

Dr. B knew exactly what he wanted when he started designing his signature yo-yo:

[i]“Give me the curves of the Cascade. Give me the weight and hand-feel of the Project 2. Tweak the weight distribution. Make sure the Projection Profile is juuuuust right. Oh, and Side Effects. Gotta have those.

When we saw the first halves getting finished up, we tested them out and kept working hard to bring you this yo-yo. Each prototype and iteration was better than the last by a large margin, and we ended up with a throw that represents me and my style better than anything I’ve played before.

At the end of the day, the Prescription feels like the Cascade’s older, more refined, and obviously more handsome brother. It’s got some float paired with mid-weighting, which means it’s perfect for complex and intricate movements. It’s stable and surprisingly fast when you push it hard.

And, trust me. They call me the Doctor for a reason. I know just what you need.”[/i]

Releasing Oct 24th @ 8PM EST!

Mine just arrived at the post office, I plan on picking it up from the post office later today to throw some more.

I’m gonna sit here and wait until they restock cuz I didn’t have any fun money when they dropped… :thinking:


I had a dream about borrowing this thing somehow. Above my price point, but cool looking still

You won’t have to wait too much longer, we should be restocking them this week!