One Drop Kraken: A High Speed YoYo Review


Back in 2015, One Drop announced that it had partnered with video game developer Re-Logic to bring real world yo-yo products to their extremely popular 2D sandbox game Terraria. While Terraria brought the real world into the digital realm, One Drop returned the favor by bringing the Terrarian to life in all its wide-bodied aluminum glory. The Terrarian has gone on to become one of One Drop’s best sellers, showing that you should never overlook the power of a high-quality tie in. It looks like both companies have decided to extend their relationship with another real-life counterpart being brought out of the digital realm in the form of the One Drop Kraken. The Kraken is the second real life yo-yo from the game and the third most powerful in game, behind the Eye of Chthulu and the Terrarian. The Terrarian was a super wide, Side Effect compatible yo-yo that was fun to play, let’s see what wacky hijinks One Drop has packed into this one.

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Great review! Just one question, has there ever been a one drop you didn’t like?


As a whole, the company makes products that I enjoy quite a bit. That being said, there are some that I definitely enjoy way more than others.