One Drop Presents – The TERRARIAN!

The latest One Drop yo-yo was created through an amazing partnership with independent game studio Re-Logic who develop the super fun 2D sandbox video game Terraria! You’ll stumble upon many One Drop models throughout your journey in the game, and now you can pick up the grand daddy of them all in real life! The Terrarian!

one-drop-terrarian3 one-drop-terrarian4

The Terrarian sports a wide wing shaped profile that was designed to easily take down enemies in the game and confidently slay the riskiest tricks in real life! The wide profile is comfortable in the hand and thanks to a new machining technique, One Drop was able to distribute the weight evenly enough to give this extra wide throw a powerful, yet floaty sensation during play.

one-drop-terrarian6 one-drop-terrarian5one-drop-terrarian8 one-drop-terrarian9 one-drop-terrarian7 one-drop-terrarian10

The Projection Profile, which we’ve seen on other One Drop models such as the Code2 and Rebirth, is featured throughout the entire catch zone. It gives your nerve endings a unique feel through long grinds or after catching that impossibly critical combo. The Terrarian features the One Drop signature Side Effect Axle System which gives you the opportunity to customize your yo-yo and change how it feels, plays, and looks!

The Terrarian may be the first video game/yo-yo collaboration, but after throwing it we really hope it’s not the last!

Releasing Nov 20 @ 10AM EST!

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Managed to snag one yesterday, hope it gets here tomorrow!

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