One Drop Flat Bearings Are Outdated: Change My Mind

I think the prize for worst/tightest bearing seat goes to the ProtoStar. It’s too bad that classic yoyo never got the re-design it deserved.

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Idk about you, but my Protostar bearing just falls out when I open it.

Mine has a deathgrip on the bearing.

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Most older yyfs do. I remember i got a YYE edition boss and completely messed up the bearong seat trying to take the bearing out. Luckily yyf helped me out and gave me a new one

Idk what magical protostar you got but they are notorious for death grip spacers. Probably the worst rep out of any YYF yoyo


Yeah deathgrip on the bearing isn’t great. But I also don’t think flippy-floppy loose is necessarily great either; it’s annoying to have to hold things in place during a routine assembly.

What you want, Goldilocks, is “juuust right” tightness where it’s tight enough to hold but not loose enough to flop out. IMHO obviously. I find that the tight ones tend to loosen up after a few removals as well.

(disclaimer: I loc-tite in the axle screw on all my throws as well, so I’m maybe a bit particular about this.)

What does the ridiculous tolerance level required means for SE yoyos? Does this mean more areas requiring this ridiculous accuracy? The bearing post is on the side effect, so i presume the side effect needs to be accurate, but does this mean the part where the side effect joins with the yoyo also needs to be just as accurate? Are you basically selling side effects at costs or even below costs?

Correct, the bearing post is on the Side Effect and we have to hold the high tolerances on those as well. The taper hole needs to centered in relation to the rim at the same level of tolerance. This is accomplished by the fact that the rim and the taper are cut on the same operation. The tapered hole actually centers the Side Effect much like if you put a basketball in a small tapered trash can. As some point the ball would bottom out and be perfectly centered.

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Actually, I want One Drop bearing posts on every yoyo I ever purchase, regardless of the manufacturer. I personally (in the rare instance I take a bearing out) don’t want to have to go get a tool to get it out.

Oh wait, you were talking to Goldilocks, not me :grin:


By “Goldilocks”, you are describing .0001" tolerance. Which a hot or a cold day can change. Most bearings have a larger tolerance for the inner diameter than that.

The reason it gets looser is because you have worn away material on the bearing post. The bearing inner diameter won’t change, but the soft aluminum will give.