One Drop ano flaws? Are they expected?

I just got my green LT in the mail today. Plays well, but this is the second time I’ve gotten a new OD with discoloration. Is that something that is expected with OD solids? Last time YYE exchanged it for another color (which had no obvious issues). Not sure if I personally care, but if someone down the line might care if/when I was selling it, maybe I should exchange this one also.

did you get this from one drop or YYE? just curious because there were a lot of green LTs being sold on the OD store as B-grade due to cosmetic flaws.

That was off YYE and not one of the NQP’s from their site? I’d probably try to exchange it if that’s the case.

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Just gonna ask this, does that come off with rubbing alcohol or some other solvent, or is it really discoloration? That for sure is not acceptable for an A grade. My NQP LT I recently got in the mystery box was so close to perfect it took me 10 mins to find the flaw.


It’s from YYE. I tried water, then rubbing alcohol and neither worked. Yeah, there are so many people posting green LTs from mystery boxes with no obvious marks, it kind of chaps me. No big deal, just hate being the complainer, but I guess it’s better than letting it bug me.


yeah it is a bit strange. perhaps reach out to YYE and see what they say

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