Once in a Blue Moon...


Tonight is a Blue Moon night. That means it is the Second Full moon in a month! Celebrate! This only happens every 7 years.

(WildCat23) #2

Ima go look at da moon


so what does one do to celebrate a Blue Moon, drink a Blue Moon? Dance under the Blue Moon? Go to bed early and miss it? My choices seem endless.


It looks white to me. :frowning:


They mean it is rare, because it only happens occasionally. It is not supposed to be literally blue.



Just awesome.


Aw, really? Now it seems less special. I wanted it to be blue. A harvest moon is sometimes kinda yellow looking.


Those are awesome.


It looks a bit yellow orange here tonite. Lots of stuff in the atmosphere.


That’s simply the glow off the aura from your neighbors to the south in God’s country.