Omg.. it’s a Ti-foon (yoze for sale)

only one Ti yoyos for your consideration>

Japan Tech. Ribira. $300 shipped
Excellent condition, but does have signs of use

(pending/sold) Turning Point Mustang $400 shipped
Just about as new as when I got it. No gouges, nicks, or anything notable. Very smooth

(pending/sold) Smashing Ti Float $275 shipped
Excellent condition but does show very minor signs of use. Spins pretty smooth.

(pending/sold) Luftverk Small Bearing Highwall Daytona(#2 of 25). $325 shipped
This yo-yo is in as new condition. Spins amazingly smooth. I just don’t have the skill set to handle it.

Prices are U.S.A only. USPS Priority Mail insured.


Someone get mustanggggg


That Daytona looks very appealing!


It sure does! PM sent.


PM’d @yoyodoc

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I am surprised the mustang is still there. Someone get that! :star_struck:

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Sorry I haven’t closed the BST yet. Been busy with my 98 year old Dad deciding how dead he wants to be in the near future.

Just now really going through the responses I have received. Many more than you see on this forum.

A few of the guys I never even heard of before.

I’ve gotten requests for all 4 yoyos.

Including guys willing to pay ‘more’ than I ask(for the Mustang). One guy actually challenged me to charge him a price that would make me happy. To lock in getting the yoyo most likely.

Fortunately, I don’t care to charge over what I initially ask for something.

Once I sort through the requests, I will update the thread.

…I honestly feel kinda bad that I can only tell four people good news. Most of the requests so far have been so nicely worded by people that want to be the buyer…

I sell so seldom, I pretty much forgot that some items draw a lot of attention.

My memory is very refreshed now…


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