oldies but goodies

You know how people sometimes call a song an “oldie but goodie?” Well, what yoyos do you think fit this description? I’d say that the Hitman is a good example of this. I have one, and it’s a lot of fun to play.

No one can forget the FHZ ! :wink:

Good ole dm2 never let anyone down.


Peak. Hitman. DM2. OG Project. Can’t think of any others at the moment.

Old SPYYs. They make up most of my case.


Bapezilla, Throw Monkey, Renegade.

the fhz and dm2 arent really old. You guys are thinkin of the dm1 and fh1, those throws are oldies but goodies.

FH1 and FHZ are the same yoyo. Caps are sonic welded onto the 1s and Hypers, same yoyo otherwise.

And even then, the FHZ came out almost a decade ago. It was released in 2004.

The first 3 General Yo yoyos… Torrent, 5 Star, and Hatrick. My goodness, they are amazing.

General Yo hasn’t been around even five years yet. Don’t think they’re eligible.

My Henry’s Tiger Snake and Coral Snake, Came Yo Mondial and my old 70’s Imperial and Butterfly and Big Kahuna, Grim Sleeper and Cherry Bomb.

The pyro will always be a classic


About everything I own - the last new yoyo I bought was a DMII


I’VE WANTED ONE OF THESE FOREVER. PM me if you’d trade it. (If it’s even yours)

Actually, I listed it on EBay yesterday.

Ok well I think ed can agree with this. No Jive