OG Peak Registration Thread!

I actually have screenshots from YYN of all of the owners I could find, 6 or 7 total I believe.

How do you even live with yourself and enjoy that? Or enjoy the money you get from selling it.


He quite literally means it was stolen.

No I know he didn’t steal it lol.

It wasn’t even done by a yoyo player. Friends’ apartment got cleaned out and I had left it there instead of sticking it in my pocket when we went out. I don’t think anyone got any money for it, or knows even what it is besides them maybe having seen me play with it out on the balcony.
-1 28 Stories. But hey, if you see it around after all these years, let me know. Haha.
(Does this picture work? My phone has been showing me lots of white boxes with blue question marks lately)

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Yes, it works. Really nice pic too.

Hmm, so there were only 50 made? Sweet! I want to give a hand at replicating the paint job, for personal use, Chris allowed this, but on the condition I won’t flood the market or use it for personal gain. Want to add a #65 on the Peak, but wasn’t too sure if that number was made or not, I’m happy it wasn’t! Haha

A bunch of people have done their interpretation of a painted peak, but it seems it’s tough to match up to Levi. I’m saving up for one of the 1/1 second runs now. Just gotta get the cash!

Anyone have pictures of theirs that they’d like to share?

First and foremost, I would like to thank the previous owner of this yo-yo for waiting two months for me to save up the money to purchase this throw. I am honored to own this, a Levi Painted Peak from the second run that was sold on eBay.

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Wow that’s absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. You’re one lucky person.

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Well, if any of you guys want to sell your Peaks let me know haha.

Coming soon to a theater near you…

Does anyone know who bought #39 a few weeks ago?

Anyone want to claim ownership to 37 or 39?

I don’t have one but I want one