Offical MB string thread!!

Going to roll this over into my string thread.

All string work I do will be found here from now on.

If you guys are interested in a TRUELY CUSTOM STRING just pm me.

Those look awesome! Nice work.

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Some of them seem to be wound tighter than others.

They are like me in that way. There are a few different types shown poly, poly/nylon and poly/rayon.

The guy all the way to the right had a clip malfunction and required some unraveling.

Made these up for my son and at the last minute snapped a pick. I’ve been messing with the yoyos so much and filling two larger string orders that I haven’t had the chance to make him a few new ones.

They all get the same attention to detail I guarantee.

I can send you a few to try if you’d like? I love getting feedback on them. Shoot me a pm with types and colors and I will send them ou to you.

What would the price be on these wondrous strings?

PM sent

I really like the first one! Nice colors. What other color choices do you have and how much are you asking?

Just about any color combo you can think up.

$6 for 10
$15 for 25
$30 for 50
$45 for 100

prices include shipping, US only

MAN those are shiny strings! They look great!

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How long does it take you to make a string? I’ve only made like a hundred total…

Depends on the string.

some more pics at the top…

…some older work…

…slightly newer…

Bumped up for inquiry.