Nothing to see here

Just trying to make room cause I like my collection being smaller these days.

888 MMXX. Stainless steel 888. A little smaller than other 888s but largee than the 66% variant. This one is probably mint. Has box. I’ll say NMTBS cause I have used it.

Grasshopper GTX. I got this thing like a year ago when I got into yoyos. A gift from my wife but I don’t use it anymore. I dont have the box but I took great care of it. Smooth as heck. The bearing seat is kinda tight though. And i tried to get a photo of it but there is the tiniest surface mark on one rim.

I kinda want to just put these in one box. 110$ shipped CONUS g&s fees applied. For both. So call the ghopper a freebie


Wow crazy good deal, somebody better scoop this up quick!


Good morning guys. Bump to move these.

Close please.