Sold. Please close

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Fat tire yye colorway. Near mint. Thrown just a couple times. Picture shows a different bearing I put in. I’ll ship it with the OD bearing it came with. 55$

Umbra. Worst damage is shown in pictures. Has some nail vibe but its negligible in my opinion. SOLD

Grasshopper GTX. No box. Has a surface mark on one ss ring that is difficult to capture. The yoyo is very smooth. 55$

I’ll sell the grasshopper gtx and fat tire together for 75$


Can you ding them a bit more to drop the price a bit? :sweat_smile:

(don’t though, that would be a shame)

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Umbra sold
Added grasshopper gtx

I’ll ship both the grasshopper gtx and fat tire to someone for 75$

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That’s a nice grasshopper colorway! I just received one yesterday in blue and love it. What a deal!

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All sold. Please close