I wish that someone would make a utah contest no let me refraise that i wish that there was another person in utah that yoyos i feel so alone :’(

Sorry man,I cant figure out the nearest contest to you,if you really love yoyoing,like so much you would give away anything for a yoyo,you can take a road trip to california,there is the national yoyo museum and the kite shop at redondo beach.

It made me so mad because i was just in cali last month but i was 100 miles away from chico >:( and i know that there is going to be an idahocompetition sponcered by dti at the state fair and i am hoping to make it there but i probably wont compete :-\ but still it would be nice to actaully meet somone that took this as seriously as i do :’(

Where were you i CA?



  I'm a yo-yoer and I live in Utah.  :)  I thought i was the only one until I saw this thread.  I was amazed that there was someone else here besides me!  I'm not a master but,  I'm working on the advanced tutorials. Do you live in Northern or Southern Utah?

northern about 30 mins away from the idaho border were u at?

I’m Northern also, but closer to 1 and a half hours away from Idaho border. :frowning:

So your still pretty close then

Wow,I live in carlsbad!
Man that would be cool if we met.

Well, why don’t you?

There is an idaho state. Contest in june go to for more

I’m in nothern Utah Sracuse to be exact want to make a yoyo club? ???

There are a bunch of players here… Maybe you’re just not looking in the right place. :wink:

Myself and the dude who puts on yoyo club in South Jordan are organizing a contest as we speak!

I go to Utah every summer to visit my grandparents I might move there this year or next I’m living in Florida for now

I live in Provo and I have another friend that also yoyos here.

Could you give me some info on that contest when you get done?

I would be that “other friend”. Yeah, let me know about that contest when there is more information.