No Game Show Tonight

Due to the craziness that occurs this time of year there hasn’t been enough time for us to setup a quiz game show for tonight. Since next week is Christmas we will probably resume the quiz chat the following week.

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday with family and friends.


NOOOOOO, ive been looking forward to this allweek lol. ive even studied…jk jk, but yah ill definetly b there next week!

Darn it! I was so excited!!!

So in two weeks we will have one?

Ok, that stinks but whatever. I’ll definately be there the week after christmas! :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas to All,

I was studying for finals and stuff all last night, there was no way i could of make and I think several others wouldn’t of been able for similar reasons. So maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea to postpone it.

good thing there wasn’t one last night because i for got all about it. later.