No.9 by RecRev | Review

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No.9 by RecRev | Review
Alex Kim is really carving out a nice niche for himself. The third base-priced yo-yo from RecRev is the No.9, a unique looking throw with full tilt design specs. Alex caught up with me at the Bay Area Classics and popped an unlabeled plastic container into my hands. It had “No.9” scrawled on top. I had seem pictures of the No.9 on and was really intrigued by the design. The RecRev No.9 comes in a rainbow of colors, and much like the “i”, each color has a different pattern. Alex must know I like bright yo-yos, because he handed me the brightest color he carried. Neon pink.
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awesome review! I have to ask you though chris, do you feel like the yoyos are out to get you sometimes?