NM OD Creamsicle 54, Very NM Green Speckle Gnarwhal! LF CLIFF!!

Hey guys. I have a NM OD creamsicle 54 I’d like to trade. It’s a great yoyo, one of my all time favorites, but I am ready to try some new throws out. It has one small scuff, and two teeny tiny pinpricks, but the camera couldn’t pick the pinpricks up. It feels normal though. And by normal I mean incredibly smooth. It plays beautifully.

I also have a very NM green speckle Gnarwhal I’d like to trade. Plays great, just not really the throw for me. I want to say it’s mint but there is probably some pinpricks or teeny tiny scuffs on it that nit-picky people will pluck out. Would love to trade this guy for a Cliff or Glacier Express, but just offer, aight?

OD 54:

OD 54 Scuff:

CLYW Gnarwhal:

****CLYW Cliff. Preferably mint, but hey, it is what it is. I really want one so it’s whatevs.
**CLYW Glacier Express. Same as the Cliff.
All other CLYW, even if a little beat up. As long as it’s smooth.
All X3, even if a little beat up. As long as it’s smooth.

Please offer anything. The point of trading is to try something new.

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