Ninjutsu! (My first yoyo trick tutorial)


Hello everybody!!!

This is my very first trick vid of a combo trick I call Ninjutsu! Please enjoy and give any criticism to make it better for the future!


Woah! Haha im going to learn this! It looks perfect for me because I like the trapeze and his brother mount, (I just learned it so looking for tricks on it) and this helps so much! Thanks man!


I like it! Pretty clear and easy to understand tutorial. I don’t think you needed different camera angles for this one, but you might need multiple angles in future tutorials.

I almost always prefer voice-overs for tutorials (so I was glad that’s exactly what you did!) because when people try to capture the descriptions live, they’re not using an external mic and the camera mic doesn’t always do a great job. Not to mention it streamlines the tutorial itself.


Great trick and great teaching! I’ll be keeping an eye out for more of your tutorials.


Ahaha I do this all the time what a great move! Great tutorial too!

I think I’ve seen it in a YYF video once a while back lol

Great job though keep it up


Dope simple trick! I find it very elegant! Loved how you did the tutorial!!!


Awesome job bro. One of the best I have seen. Is love to see more from you.


Cool looking trick that doesn’t involve too many crazy elements and a very clear tutorial. Great job, dude!