Night Moves 5 Yoyo For Sale

Hello everyone. I joined this site a little more then two year ago, and I have been done with yoyoing for awhile now. I have a Night Moves 5 Yoyo that I am looking to sell. I’m not really sure why I bought it in the first place since it was mainly a secondary yoyo. It’s in good condition, except the plastic caps are a little scratched up (but they come off). Personally I think it looks better without them anyway.

Here is the yoyo (sorry for bad quality, it was taken with my webcam, pics below are much better).

Here are some pics of it from a review I did while back (have barely used since these pics, condition looks the same).

As I said before, the yoyo is nice. I’m going to be selling it for about $70, feel free to offer.

Yoyo is still for sale.