2 week old Night Moves 5 for sale in mint

I just bought this yoyo about 2 weeks ago well maybe more but i only used it for the first two weeks i prob had it like 4 weeks all together but its in total perfect condition i bearly used it and its real nice no scratchdes, dims, nothing. So if you interested i really want to start the price at around 89.00 since its just so new feel free to counter but i really dont wanna go less than 75. Im selling it because i already have a expensive yoyo and it was just stupid of me to buy another so quickly. I was at first gonna trade it but i changed my mind because i just want money for it now.

pics in this review http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,13444.0.html

Could you post pics of it?

there ya go