New Year HD

New Video! New Year HD - Watch in 1080p
YoGoch 2013
CLYW Cliff: Petr Kavka and Confetti colorways

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Thanks For watching :slight_smile:

Nice video,liked your style. What song did you use?

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Thank you
The song is Blue Shift by Lemaitre

nice moves. was that filmed in arizona??

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Pretty sweet video and style!! Keep it up!

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Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:
Yes, it was filmed in Arizona

i thougt so. what part?

All scenes are in Mesa, AZ

I’m just north of Anthem, in new river.

You have some really nice concepts!

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Awesome tricks. And two cliffs. You greedy people, you.

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Nice! Great taste in music too…

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Thanks for all of the comments guys :slight_smile:
Any more feedback?

Nice song choice, it’s been so long since I’ve heard this song, watching this made me go on a Lemaitre spree haha.

Sweet vid!

That’s how I felt too, haha.

I feel the same way, I love Lemaitre’s music.