New Year Ball Drop for all you USA People out there

Anyone going to watch the New Year Ball Drop in New York?! ;D I may… It’d be too late for me… But is anyone else going to?

Nope, sorta on the scale of watching paint dry (or golf).

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I agree about the paint remark. But golf is interesting sometimes.

Hmm, nope, I have to go to bed early-ish… I’m waking up early to ski!!!

No it takes to long for when it starts but we did do is bowling and made homemade pizzas Mmmmm!

who has cable anymore?

I know I can use an antenna but they are crap.

I don’t have tv.

You’re better off without.

My grand parents a completely the opposite, 84 inch flat screen on 24/7. No joke.

No cable. New antenna. Works great. Getting all the TV I need.

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Here in NC we drop an acorn!

Chicago has nothing. To be totally honest, I hate New Years