New Video: Simplex

(MikeMonty) #1

Hey Folks!

It’s been awhile since I recorded a trick video so today after messing around with this cool repeater I decided I’d catalog a few tricks I’ve been messing with lately. Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas on improving the tricks :slight_smile:



i want to be the firsst to say you’re awesome!

(Walker, Yo-Yo Ranger) #3

i’m second


im third

(202andrew) #5




(DOGS) #7

I think this is the best video I’ve ever seen.

Rediculous tricks
Great breakdown: First you go “WHAT” then you go “OH!”
Great editing, and the music fits like a glove.

…I think I love you :stuck_out_tongue:

(MikeMonty) #8

Haha thanks guys :slight_smile: You all rock!


wow good job man ,nice work


whats the song?

(Mi) #11

Specimen A - Cold as Ice

Mike that video is is amazing.
Representing, for real.