::Workout:: (New Video/Poll)

Workout is my latest video. I hope you all enjoy! Comments welcome! Let me know how I’m doing!

0:04-0:20 Spin Cycle
0:21-0:34 Reflections Of Paris (name subject to change)

My channel is supposed to feature a tutorial. I’ve yet to make one, as I am not sure what yoyoers like to learn. If either trick is to your liking let me know. I’ll make a tutorial for the trick with the most votes!

At the end of the tutorial I make, there will be an alternative feature for the combo. The trick you choose still has an aire of mystery!

Bump. Thoughts?

I can’t vote, but that tower is awesome and is something I’d like to learn. Awesome video BTW.

you are progressing really fast, good work man.

Why can’t you vote.

I’m on mobile


Thank you.

Bump. Suggestions?

Good stuff brutha! Fresh hair to maynee

^thanks man.


Cast your votes! So far dead even.

Reflections of Paris, it was a lot more original and i think the title was a little more fitting. Good video btw.

I love the tower.

Me too!

It’s still close though.

This be that last day to vote y’all.

Thanks to all those who gave feedback. New videos coming soon!

Double post

Reflections of Paris it is then. Tutorial coming in a few weeks.