New video! One throw;Seven Regens. Check it out!

Let me know what you think!

Link for desktop users:

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how are we supposed to know that this is all in one throw when the camera angle keeps changing and in the two versions i saw (watched multiple times) it skipped a little at the same times. so how are we supposed to believe that this is not just good editing. granted i believe that you did it in one throw i am just saying that it looks weird, with the angles changing an all i think that it does make it a little hard to believe.

Maybe he used more than one camera at once.

Oh grow up.

Awesome stuff Jeffery! Nice to see you still throwin!
^ ^

Just reassuring, I did do this whole video in one shot. I would do the whole combo, then shoot from another angle. And thanks guys! I’ll hopefully have a longer/better video soon. :slight_smile:

He honestly gains nothing by lying about being all one take.

You’re getting soooo much better! Smooooooooth