*NEW VERSION INCLUDING* In The Light of a Mellow Mood - By Lasse Nolsøe Lund

This is more of a mood- and atmosphere-focused video. hope u like it. :slight_smile:

Tell me what u think :stuck_out_tongue:


New version. Only difference is Sepia-tone and lightning.
I just thought that there might be a chance that it’ll add something nice to the vid.
… U tell it. Which one do u like the most?

Very cool. I love repeaters so much.

Cool concepts, smooth tricks, and a great atmosphere to the video. I think you achieved exactly what you were trying to - I loved it.

Thanks man :slight_smile:

Well … it wasn’t really to show-off my tricks, but thanks :slight_smile:
And thanks about the “mood-things” u said :slight_smile: I really apriciate it

  • I’m glad that u liked it

New version is up! Check it out :slight_smile: