New Unknown Slice Tool & Holder Restock!


We just got in a big order from Unknown with their all new Slice Tool and a restock of Ascenders, Descenders, and Kenscenders!


Six Time National Champion Bryan Figueroa established his company ‘Unknown’ to bring some much needed style to the yo-yo world through his accessories and apparel. The latest accessory from Unknown is a very cool yo-yo tool – The Slice!

The Slice is the perfect yo-yo tool that has everything you need to get you and your favorite throw through the day. This tool can remove bearings, cut strings, get out knots, remove silicone pads, and open bottles!

It fits perfectly on any keychain and the sleek compact design blends right in with your other keys. Just add it to your keychain and forget it’s there until you need it!





How does it cut string?


He shows it in the product video on the page.


Do you guys plan on me stocking this again soon?


I’m sure we’ll restock it, but not sure when it will happen. I’ll make a note to contact Bryan about their availability.