New tutorial Series.


Hey guys this is the first tutorial in a series im creating called Simple Tuts. Check it out and shoot some suggestions. thanks so much. feel free to subscribe.


Send tut requests:)


I like your tutorials. I like them a lot. Keep making them, I’ll sure keep watchin them!


The tutorial is great. Its simple, easy to see and I like how you break it down. However, the music is considerably more loud than your talking; or you’re talking very quietly. If you could balance that out a bit you’d be right on!


Thanks man! & Thanks for the advice, I’ll try to talk louder next time!:slight_smile:


Thank you!:smiley:


Nice toturial. Right now i’m so clumsy with yo-yo. :’( It seems i have finger of clay.


Dont worry man, thats how even tthe best start out, you’ll get better it just takes practice:)