New Tricks?

im kinda bored anyone got any tricks i can learn

Have you spent any time working on and making up your own new tricks?

It’s the best part of yoyoing. Go for it.

yeah i have but im not feeling very creative at the moment

What tricks can you do?

I invented “The Spidey swing suicide” you whip it straight and fast so it looks like a web while you do the Spider-Man web Hand. Shoot it across fast. Looks cool!

We can’t really recommend any tricks if we don’t know your skill level.

Can you do Rancid Milk and/or Vector?

I agree. That’s why I asked him what he can do. But so far no reply.


pretty much anything i try that doesnt involve a whip if any kind unless its the spiderman one

spirit bomb, magic drop, kamikaze, and whut white Buddha, and candy rain… try those

ok sure ill give em a shot