New TMBR Releases! MORROW & IRVING 2019!

Round, and comfortable, with a modern touch, Morrow combines comfort and performance. Smooth, rounded rims are easy on your knuckles (you know you it them, too) while a V shaped gap keeps your spin times going. Morrow is super stable on flip tricks and stalls, and smooth on the regens. It’s a new look for my offerings, and I hope you enjoy it!

Meet IRVING. This is an updated version of the first TMBR yoyo ever produced. It has a tapered gap, flat rims and a through hole on one side for easy knot picking. It’s a slightly oversized design that offers longer spin time and a great feel on regens. For the 2019 version TMBR added a bit to the overall width, and updated it to their custom woodthread axle system for easy adjustments and a convenient take apart design!


I highly recommend the Morrow. :+1:


Yeah, the Morrow looks nice!

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Pulled the trigger on a purple heart Irving. It’s my First wooden fixie. So.excited.