New Sturm Panzers

Anyone get the new sturm panzers? The new Eclipse Ogres? The look like they might just be Stealth ogres with new end caps and finish colors. Can anyone say for sure? I would like to get the 2 pack if it comes back in stock.

Was it ever in stock? They have differently profiles brass components compared to the Stealth Ogre. Supposedly ‘softer’ on the hand.

I dunno if the 2 pack was ever in stock. I never saw it in stock, but I saw both in stock individually before one sold out quickly.

I’ll probably end up getting them, as I really like their products, and the change you describe sounds like it will be much welcome.

Yeah I have a suspicious feeling the double was never in stock or they only had a very few. It is a big saving. I definitely want the double pack - I am going to be refreshing like a mad man later on…

I should add actually that I’m a little concerned that this will be worse on the hand. It looks like the gradient of the top face of the brass has become steeper. I’m unclear how this will make things softer.