New Skyva Colors! Couldn't decide on 3 - so we did them ALL! (Pictures inside)

NEW SKYVA COLORS! They are here just in time for the Christmas season! :christmas_tree:

It’s so cool to see so many people around the world excited about the Skyva - I never expected it to be this popular. Since the holidays are just around the corner I wanted a more fun “toy” like theme. It was a challenge to keep the boutique designer feel and making it more visually friendly to the youth. These incredibly bright colors made me nostalgic of my childhood - so the redesigned packaging was inspired by the pencil crayons and paint kits I used when I was a kid. :art:

Limited to 500 per color. The pictures I took above are the most accurate color representation on the internet right now - the bright colors are definitely hard to capture!

With that in mind - which is your favorite? Which will you pick up? Just 20$ at YoyoExpert!

Much love,

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I don’t want one.
I want all of them…

They do look like crayons, and, I mean that as a compliment. The colors are absolutely vivid!

Well done!