New Sengoku Nobunaga! Releases Friday!

Sengoku is a new company based in Nagakute, Japan creating some amazing high performance yo-yos with a cool story. The name Sengoku is an era in Japanese history when the country was in an internal war of samurai clans, finished only when Japan was unified by the Shogun. Keeping this history in mind, Sengoku is naming their yo-yos after the most notable Samurai leaders, and the first yo-yo is the Nobunaga!

Nobunaga was among the most powerful of the samurai that initiated the unification of Japan, so it only makes sense that the Nobunaga yo-yo is an extremely powerful yo-yo with a bi-metal design that will meet the highest levels of performance!

Sengoku designed the Nobunaga to really take advantage of the bi-metal design. With the stainless steel rings making up more than half the weight of the Nobunaga, you get an extremely rim heavy weight distribution that provides a powerful spin and extraordinary stability and spin time. The yo-yo is slightly undersized as well which really plays to its strengths. The smaller v-shaped design keeps a very maneuverable and fast feel without sacrificing any performance.

Sengoku has done a phenomenal job with their first design and we cannot wait to see what comes next! Pick up a Nobunaga and feel the power behind true bi-metal design!

Releasing May 22 @ 9AM EST!

Good lord, that looks amazing!

Must be an error? They’re already available to add to cart, it’s still the 21st right? Maybe I’m just crazy haha

One of the best yoyos in that size-range i’ve ever played. Highly recommended.

Looks like we had a miscommunication on the release date, sorry about that! The Nobunaga is now available!

Every time a new release comes out with a timer, the timer just keeps moving a day forward

Timer malfunctions…

It was supposed to be thursday 9am EDT. (Friday 12am japan)

It was just a miscommunication with the timezone difference, I saw may 22nd posted as the release date so thats what we ran with.

9:00 AM, Eastern Time (ET) is
10:00 PM, in Japan
(according to google at least ;D)

Either way, no harm no foul, the yo-yo is available now and i’ve got to say; it is reaaaally good! If those black Nobunagas don’t sell out soon I may be taking one home myself!

Is ok, im sure they’ll sell well.
You must take that black. Nobunagas are limited edition. Is set to 200 ever, so after that no more.
50 blacks, 50 purple, 20 red (yye only ) 20 blue (rewind only ) 25 green (july) 25 gold (july) and 10 (2 each for my personal collection lol) .
So dont miss yours!

Yes green!

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Green is quite nice. I may hold out til July.