New Sengoku HIDEYOSHI Just In!

Sengoku is a new company based in Nagakute, Japan creating some amazing high performance yo-yos with a cool story. The name Sengoku is an era in Japanese history when the country was in an internal war of samurai clans, finished only when Japan was unified by the Shogun. Keeping this history in mind, Sengoku is naming their yo-yos after the most notable Samurai leaders, and this is the Hideyoshi!

Toyotomi hideyoshi was a preeminent daimyo, warrior, general, samurai, and politician of the Sengoku period, who is regarded as Japan’s second “great unifier”. He succeeded his former liege lord, Oda Nobunaga, and brought an end to the Sengoku period.

With Hideyoshi considered one of Japan’s Great Unifiers, it only make sense that the yo-yo bearing his name would bring together so many different materials to create one amazing new yo-yo! The Hideyoshi is a tri-metal design composed of a light 7075 aluminum body, a dense steel outer ring, and an even denser brass inner ring. The balance and weight distribution achieved through the combination of all these different materials gives the Hideyoshi a completely new feel unlike anything on the market. It plays fast, feels light yet really solid at the same time, and has an incredible spin time and stability that you need to feel to believe!

I heard tell that the blue Hideyoshi is going to be the last-ever run of this yo-yo.