New Release – The CLYW PEAK 2!

Most yo-yo players remember The Peak; The iconic first return top released by CLYW. The return top that would set the bar for all other metal return tops. Crashing web stores and driving collectors insane with each quickly sold out release, the Peak was the flagship model of CLYW and the design that launched the company.

It’s ten years later now and CLYW has cleaned up the original design, brought it up to modern play standards, and is ready to unleash the Peak 2 for a whole new generation of players to enjoy!

The Peak 2 features that same nostalgic shape you all know and love with design some modern changes to the bearing seat and response area. The weight distribution has been shifted to make it play even smoother, floatier, and improve stability.

This yo-yo is everything we expected: The Peak 2 fuses the look and feel of a classic design with all the performance you need to get through modern freestyles!

Releasing Feb 9th @ 10PM EST!

What is the name of the black spotted color way?

Black Bip Bop it’s a older colorway brought back.

Do you guys know the cost of these?

$90 I believe


Im gonna guess that BBB is 125?

Same price actually! They decided to let this one be a bit more open since they made a few more than usual (30 or 40 pieces total I think).

I am looking for a new type of a throw to try. I have a kodiak, skyva, superstar bimetal, so I am wondering if this would be a good type of different?

Is this a limited release our is it going to be a regular part of their line up now?

Regular part of the lineup.