New release from YoYoStringLabs - NYTRO!

In the depths of their secret string laboratory, @MattB has been experimenting and developing a brand new formula. One that people have been requesting for years, and it is finally ready to share - NYTRO!

Nytro is a Nylon/Polyester string blend built for performance and longevity. It has a super soft feel on the hands with a slight slickness. It cuts through the air with ease for speedy whips and moves fast even though it doesn’t have the heavy feel that some Nylon is known for. And these are probably the longest lasting String Lab strings to date!

2 packs come packaged in a custom machined metal capsule and 5 pack refills are available whenever you need a restock. Get your NYTRO bottle and buckle in for fun!


Yesssss it’s finally here! Time to pick up some when I get some yoyos from here.

The keychain is really useful for bringing your strings around. Combine it with the MFD grip garage and you have everything you need for your yoyo in one place. Freaking awesome!


I’m so excited for this release


The long long awaited nylon YYSL has finally arrived!

Now I just need a bimetal OD and my biggest dreams as a child will be fulfilled.


Thanks a bunch YYE and everyone. I worked a lot to make this special (I know it took forever, lol), but I wanted it to really stand out and be my best use of nylon.

Please note, this stuff really lasts. A five pack will last much longer than a ten pack of my other types.

I couldn’t wait for people to get it in their hands when a super respected figure in the community got an early sample and reported:

“I did play the strings a lot this past week and they are GREAT! Really interesting - they hold tension really well - and they are super fast moving… Like they make slacks and doing hooks and everything else super EFFORTLESS and what is most impressive is the string itself still feels really ‘lightweight’ - usually nylon you can feel is heavy… Not really sluggish but you can feel that ‘weight’ in how it moves and sometimes that throws off how you play. This maintains yoyostringlab’s super silky soft feeling while adding speed and then holds tension nice. So I do think its a winner!… and really just unique compared to everything else that I would try to compare it to.”

I’m really looking forward to hear what people think of NYTRO.