New release from UNPRLD - The Patrick Canny ELEVATION!

From UNPRLD: Our newest model is Patrick Canny’s signature monometal yo-yo, the Elevation. Patrick placed 7th at 2019 Worlds in 1A, won WCYYC earlier this year, and has been one of the leading forces behind Scales Collective all of 2020.

The Elevation is heavily inspired by competitive yoyo designs from the late 2000s such as the Genesis and Superstar, but with more modern design features such as a wider catch zone and lower walls. We wanted to make a yoyo that is simple and feels great for casual play, but also inspires confidence on the stage.

This yoyo features a unique and extreme weight distribution, allowing for low RPM spin, yet extremely long spinning performance. The wide gap is extremely snag resistant as well.

In order to give back to the community at large, and to try and offset a small portion of the carbon footprint of creating and distributing a yoyo, Patrick has decided to donate a portion of the sale of each Elevation to conservation organizations such as the Nature Conservancy and the Sierra Club.

Releasing Wednesday 12/30 @ 8PM EST.




AWWW YEAH! Been waiting for this one. Patrick slays and is a genuinely nice guy. Can’t wait to feel it in action.


My elation over the Elevation sensation has become my preoccupation and motivation and while my captivation needs no real explanation, my determination to procure this itineration of another creation is an exciting situation.

Oxygen please😳


I couldn’t decide between the Orange and the Dark Blue, so I did the only reasonable thing. :shushing_face:

PS - Can’t tell if it’s an amber-orange, a burnt orange or more neutral rich orange, from all of the different photos, but I like each image I have seen regardless.


It is a really nice orange! Hahahaha. :blush:


Got my orange!

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Oh yeah, sorry about that. I just noticed the difference in the group shot and the individual photo now that you mentioned it. The orange is closer to the group shot color you see above. I can edit the individual one tomorrow.


Yesssssss! Thanks!