New Release from Rain City! The Author!

From Rain City Skills: The Author is a yoyo I’ve been waiting years to make. When I was working with King Yo Star, I had the opportunity to release a signature yoyo. The Pun was a great yoyo, but it wasn’t perfect. Five years later I have a lot more experience and a different set of needs.

First and foremost, I wanted a yoyo I’d enjoy playing. Something that wouldn’t be work to throw, that is smooth on the string and stable enough to work through designing a trick, and more importantly, teaching a trick. I’m also dealing with multiple shoulder injuries from car accidents. Most yoyos in the 64g+ range hit the end of the string with a tug and have a tug on the bind. It’s not a lot, but it adds up to reduced throwing time. When Justin and I were working on this design, light weight was my #2 design goal.

We ended up with a 56g yoyo. That’s right, 56g. When I got the prototype, I played with it for a week before it occurred to me to weight it. The proto was 55g, we added 1g to the rim so it would have a good thumb grind lip.

I think you are going to love this throw, it’s light but powerful, and has a comfortable curve. It sits somewhere in the “W” shape ballpark but leaning towards an “O” shaped gap rather than a “V”. And of course, The Author includes the signature Rain City Skills Lego hub you’ve come to know and love.


This is a really neat throw! I have a proto that’s 3 grams lighter…and it’s cool because it feels like nothing else I own.
There’s no tug at the end of the string with it…it feels super light and floaty…but with plenty of spin time.
Really fun throw! I highly recommend!!


do the lego plates Talon Grind well?


that colour is cool, almost 80s green.


I’ve never tried talon grinds so hopefully someone else can answer.

Also…what kinds of lego pieces do you guys use for your Rain City Skills throws? (or with the 1 drop side effects)

I only have a small collection so far…


i don’t have any OD’s or Rain City throws lol.


Looks interesting. Has anyone tried it yet?

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Here’s some video reviews on it:

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I’ve been working on a science fiction novel for a few years now, and when I saw that a yoyo called the Author had been released, with a “sci-fi” colorway, I couldn’t say no!