New Release from Japan Tech! LINKX & LaPua!


Japan Tech created their latest plastic model as an entry level yo-yo with a competition level feel. This is the yo-yo that will take you from your first throw to your first bind, and all the way to your first appearance on stage – The Linkx!

The Linkx is an oversized yo-yo and one of the first plastics to feature a double rim design. The double rim gives it an amazing stability that makes beginner tricks a breeze and advanced tricks even easier to master. It has a comfortable profile and light weight that won’t fatigue your fingers through long practice sessions. The large diameter gives it a powerful spin and a great feel in play that will fit any style.

Designed with the beginner in mind, the Linkx comes responsive out of the box with a narrow bearing installed, but is easily upgraded for unresponsive play by replacing the bearing with a full C sized bearing. Beginner or pro, the Japan made Linkx is a fantastic addition to any collection!


Japan Tech wanted to pursue the true characteristics of Titanium to really push the limits with their latest design. They went after pure performance, in every aspect, refusing to compromise the design to chase frivolous characteristics. This is the LaPua!

The LaPua is a performance monster, there’s really no better way to describe it. It might be the best playing yo-yo we have tried in the last year or more – A yo-yo that every serious competitor will appreciate from the first throw. On the other hand; If you’re someone who can’t tolerate anything less than buttery-smooth spin, this yo-yo is not for you.

Japan Tech set aside the idea if impeccably smooth spins to chase their pure performance concept. They admit they know some players will see it as a flaw and that’s fine. But for those players who can get past a little vibe, for those players seeking performance over all else, you are in for a real treat!

The LaPua plays fast, light, and has an almost magically maneuverable feel in play. It moves unlike any other yo-yo out there and once you pick it up we doubt you’ll want to put it down!


Japan Technology’s first yo-yo, the Kamui, quickly became a favorite of offstring players with its smooth, fast play. Now, that same great play is available at a new, lower price with the Ashiru Kamui Light! Right out of the box, this is one of the finest offstring yoyos available.

Japan Technology has switched the Ashiru Kamui Light from machined to molded, giving offstring players the same quality at a much lower price. Perfect for offstring play from beginner tricks to world-level competition, the Ashiru Kamui is another stunning piece of Japanese engineering. The Ashiru Kamui Light is molded in polycarbonate, bringing the weight down by 6 grams and giving a much different look with beautiful translucent colors.