New Rain City Hipster Highlife Yo-Yo & Fidget Slinger Begleri!


Rain City is a cool new skill toy company founded by Jeremy “Mr. Yo-Yo Thrower” McKay! This is their first yo-yo design – The Hipster Highlife!

This return top design is focused on supporting North American industry. Machined by One Drop, Anodized by Gruntbull and assembled with Monkeyfinger bearings, handmade string and snot! This yo-yo represents the North American yo-yo scene in every way!

The Hipster Highlife is a return top built for competition while keeping comfort and style in mind. It has smooth curves a nice rounded profile, and the perfect weight distribution for long spins and stability.

To finish off this ‘retro’ theme, Rain City designed the hub with a Lego compatible nub; Each throw will ship with a pair of Lego pieces that match the yo-yo theme, as well as spares that will let players tweak the center weight of the throw by adding weight there. And, staying true to it’s name, each Hipster Highlife is packaged in a hemp bag inside of a Mason jar, because it doesn’t get much more hipster than Mason Jars!


Rain City is a cool new skill toy company founded by Jeremy “Mr. Yo-Yo Thrower” McKay! This is their original creation of a begleri and fidget spinner crossover – The Fidget Slinger!

Fidget Slingers are the most customizable begleri we have ever seen. You can adjust the weight anywhere from 10 to 19g per bead by adding weights or removing parts. The dual bearing design takes this begleri to the next level by adding a spinning capability that gives them a really smooth feel in play and through spinning transitions.

Machined from durable 7075 Aluminum right here in the USA and available in some very cool colors, Fidget Slingers are a beggary game changer! Take a look at the detailed video below to get the full scope of what these Fidget Slingers can do!

I personally don’t like the thought of “High Life” because it normalizes a drug, Marijuana, that can affect concentration and health negatively.

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Im gonna have to go out on a limb here and disagree whole heartetdly. But I only have 20 or so years hands on experience with it so take that as you will. I live it, not read about it, and I stand to prove otherwise, everyday.

Water is more letahl than weed, which has had ZERO OD’s or deaths in the history of our history. You want to demonize something, do it to the real drugs, that have commercials. The drinks that destroy families, the powders that wreck lives, Cancers of cigarettes, or the poisons of overeating junk food to the point of roundness. You want to attack something, attack the killers, the real problems. Weed is the LEAST of your worries.

Not the thing that kills cancers, that stops seizures, that regulated appetites, thats relieves insomnia, or stops nasuea. Arthritis? Glaucoma? Are these things not worth a mention? Do you not realize that your fighting against one of the few things that can fix our economy, our prisons, our hospitals and morgues from overcrowding? Are you invested in big pharma? Have you ever looked into why people are fighting to legalize? You think its so we can just "get high? Go talk to an epiliptic. To talk to the parents of a kid who had to undergo chemo. To talk to those ex military with PTSD, or IBSD with no appetite. Youo might change your tone when you turn FOX news off and see with your actual eyes and not the convenient tv ones that are freely given to those with no desire to learn fact from fiction. I can keep quiet about alot of things that people go on about. At least know, not just hear and parrot, what your talking about. And this isnt even touching the industrial benefits that the military has been utilizing for decades. They must be mistaken as well, eh?

Reefer madness mindset is FAR more damaging than the plant ever has been.

I get what your are saying, drugs might not have a place in the hobby, but talk to 100 jugglers and object manipulators, most will tell you that it gives better concentration during the craft. But what do I know. Im only a retired national performer in fire dance, contact juggling, and several other manipulative arts. Want to take non-challance of drugs out of the picture? Be sure to attack the Liqour/beer industry, Tobacco, OTC pills or pain killers, Caffeine, heck, chcoclate, cheese, and candies are drugs none the less. Lets not play favorites here.

TL/DR? Weed isnt the problem. Ignorance is.

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I’d wager Rain City is referencing high-life as defined below:

“an exciting way of living in which rich and successful people enjoy themselves by spending a lot of time and money in fashionable places”

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Or simply “living the good life.”

I do not think any intimation of drug highs was intended.

Although it does come in “herb” green… what does it matter lol.

ok, your points are somewhat correct. However, I have three statements back.

  1. The context in which this is used implies marijuana in a recreational use. Although marijuana has medical capabilities, the “hipsters” that this yo-yo is marketed towards are likely not using it in such a manner. (Nor are they likely using it for "concentration).
  2. If you are an adult who utilises marijuana in a private and controlled setting, I have no problem. You do you. However, as yo-yo is home to a wide range of ages (including kids 7-14), seeing a yo-yo that normalizes “herb” can be a very influencial thing. These are the very same kids that are in school. Marijuna can negatively affect academic concentration and really mess these kids lives up.
  3. Liqour and beer are something where you have them, or you don’t have them. Plently of kids sneak alcohol (likely the kids that may have a rough future). However, if a kid is raised on the basic concepts of not drinking alcohol, then they will likely not have it. Marijuana, however, is different. If you are raised to believe smoking to be bad, then you will probably not smoke a joint. However, would you eat marijuana in a brownie? Also, you don’t see yo-yo’s normalizing most of the things you listed. I guess there’s the Moonshine, but that’s about it. Cheese and chocolate also do not cause concentration issues.

At the end of the day, your opinion is your opinion, so if you choose to disagree with mine, so be it. I thank you for challenging me.

I am not referring to the name of the yo-yo, but the colorway that is called “herb.” Although that is a color, I think you would agree with me that, in this context, it denotes marijuana.

Why does it matter? Kids who look up to older yo-yoers may look at this normalization of marijuana and take it to heart. Marijuana can lead to concentration issues, and I personally believe that, in the world today where education is so important, that can be very bad. Also, I was referring to the colorway “herb,” not the name of the yo-yo.

Beer snob is ok, but herb is somehow offensive? C’mon… it’s a name. When you start getting offended by names you’re just looking for an issue.

Rain City is using these names to light-heartedly mock the “hipster” lifestyle. There’s been yo-yos in the past (and even some present ones) with much worse names than “herb”.

If you don’t agree with the branding then don’t support the company, but please do not further this debate on our forum.



Just my opinion, but you should probably skip yoyoing all together in order to free up more time to concentrate and improve your skills on crusading. ::slight_smile: Maybe even make yourself a cool cape or costume or something.

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The blue color based one looks great! :heart_eyes: if the orange one was called pepperoni pizza, I would probably buy it just because of that :wink:

What color velvet, do you think?

What are you doing here when you could be throwing?!


Anyone care to review this yo-yo? 8)

Ive been playing with it for about a week now and I would give it a B+. its feels light on the string and is pretty stable. Not the fastest throw but it can defently handle anything i can throw at it. Also its not to bad for finger spins. but for originality it gets a A+. comes with hemp bag in a mason jar, and even a little lego dude. Also comes with a monkeyfinger bearing and string. But my favorite little touch was he used two different colors for the silicone response lol. I would recommend it, and plan on being a repeat customer if they make another one.