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Hey guys selling some more! Free first class shipping, +3.00 for priority. Outside of USA you are responsible for most of the shipping. I ship usually the day after payment.

ILYY Trvth, gunmetal color, unengraved one half, second run model, my opinion better than the original. Perfectly smooth. Few marks on one of the rims. $110

Take the pair for $260!

C3xCLYW H5xChief

[s]YYF Higby '07 888, most of you I’m sure are familiar with this legend. Near mint (3 small flat spots upon ridiculously close inspection, hard to photograph but I tried!) and smooth as butter. Comes with all of my hubstack collection (including white hubs and red dice, etc) except for the green ones pictured. Taking offers.

Anti-Yo Bapezilla 2, two blue halves. Extensive damage, it has been played a lot, has nicks and ano burns along the rims. Sanded down catch zone to raw to prevent string breaking (which worked) but it was my first attempt at sanding rings properly so it’s a little ugly. Smooth as butter regardless. Excellent classic yoyo.[/s]

bump, 888 and bape 2 pending

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