New Noise

New bits n pieces I have been playing around with


critics? anything? I’m looking for any suggestions on anything new you guys would like to see

I LOVE the move at 10 sec. Maybe something you can work on is what Augy Fash(sp?) does… He does that same spin and launches it higher in the air and lands in a Chopstick mount.

The move at 35 sec. is a bit sloppy maybe make a full rotation and then get out of the mount with a pop or something flashy.

Now im not the best in the world either so please don’t take my words harshly at all they are just suggestions. But other then that great job keep practicing! Hopefully ill get good enough to through a video up and you can help me! :slight_smile:


thanks for those little bits! I appreciate it!

try filming in different places and different angles to keep it interesting i find it hard to watch something in the same place and from the same angle just gets boring after a wile if you no what i mean but other than that good job!

i get where you’re coming from, i’m just very limited on where i can shoot a video at 2am xD

i spent about an hour filming…

yo seriously i was just trying to help

ok before this turns into a flame war on my video post take it elsewhere guys.

also thanks josh, i’ll see what i can do about that next time i shoot a video!

I like your use of wrist mounts in this video and that chopstick mounted section is pretty rad too. For some reason it looks like you are watching tv the whole time though.

thanks and i’m not gonna lie…i was watching tv while i was filming xD

Great video matt!

But for some reason I loved the title. New Noise is quite creative. XD

If that happens again I’m banning the three of you.

New Noise was a popular song by ‘Refused’.

Kay Matt. I like you so I’m going to be extremely blunt and honest. You need to put more effort into your videos… for one simple reason, a lot of your tricks are awesome. But, you put out a new video every couple weeks. Most of the time your videos will only have one spot in them and the angles never change. I like watching your tricks but as a viewer I only get out of it, whatever you put into it… in other words, if you don’t put in maximum effort then the viewer won’t get maximum enjoyment.

You should film tricks over a period of like 6 months for the next video. Try different locations, angles, backgrounds. Also try arranging your tricks in a way that tells a story.

Like I said, I like you Matt, and I’d love to see a super high quality from you! :slight_smile:

thanks I appreciate it, I do understand what you mean and I will be adding a lot of new elements into the way I shoot the next video I do. I would do the over a 6 month period but when I get a few new tricks I like (I have 3 more new tricks already from this past weekend) in the amount I have been in the last few weeks even if they’re just minor variations of something I have done or someone else has done already. I’ll work on all that you have mentioned, I appreciate the comments and I appreciate you watching my videos!

also icthus thank you sir. I was going to leave this locked but since you did that I guess it’ll be unlocked and still readable,