New MonkeyfingeR x YoYoWorkshop Collab! The Sea Monkey!

Manufacturer Description: Hey yo! This ain’t no Brine Shrimp!!!

This new hybrid creature brings together some of the best throw elements from both YYWS and MFD and brings together critical aspects of design from both brands. To us, this feels like the best of both worlds in terms of performance, comfort, and looks.

This is a project that has been a few years in the making, starting in 2016 when both companies began laying the groundwork. Due to time constraints for both brands, the SeaMonkey was shelved for awhile…but we got it done, and now you can own one for yourself!

Releasing Saturday 9/7 @ 8PM EDT.


Wish I tried one of these at worlds, forgot it existed. Reminds me of a punchline

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I love mine. It feels great. I noticed on the site that it’s listed made in Canada. I thought it was machined in China and anodized in Canada?

Same here! Seemed like everyone liked it and they sold quite a few there. Went to try one towards the end and they were sold out! Looks solid and long spinning with a flat catch feel.

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Punchline is one of my all time favorites and the shapes are really similar. Sad i missed the chance to tru.

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