New MonkeyfingeR VooDoo Series Begleri!

The VooDoo Series:
MonkeyfingeR took a hard look at the original begleri from thousands of years ago and sent their mascot Cranky on a mission to put their unique twist on the classic! He returned with a whole new look and a darker angle that they never saw coming. He managed to shrink down both the Ape Grapes and KOKOnutz, VooDoo style, making them stackable. It’s the foundation feature of MoonkeyfingeR;s new VooDoo series. The new VooDoo begleri’s are designed to click and clack just like the originals from ancient Greece. The VooDoo series comes with 4 beads instead of 2, made slightly smaller and stackable, that are still compatible with MFD Monkeybarz weights! Play them single for a lightweight feel or double them up for twice the fun!