New MonkeyfingeR Tiki Rollerz!

MonkeyfingeR has been burning the midnight oil in the Franken Lab cooking up their latest release. Meet your new favorite skill-toy – TikiRollerz!

monkeyfinger-tiki-rollerz-1 monkeyfinger-tiki-rollerz-2

Tiki Rollerz are a knuckle roller style skill toy that offers the perfect blend of skill toy, fidget toy, and worry stone. The perfect addition to any EDC; TikiRollerz take up minimal space and slip into your pocket for anytime anywhere fidgeting freestyle fun!


MonkeyfingeR’s original modular design is makes use of their amazing begleri lineup. When the parts are connected you have a TikiRoller and you can then easily separate them to play just the begleri. Every MonkeyfingeR Begleri bead they have have ever made fits the Tiki. This means if you already have some MFD begleri you can combine and create just about any shape, weight, or length you desire!


Each box contains a matching Tiki set with either KOKOnutz or Ape Grapes begleri and all the parts you need to connect them. They even come with three MonkeyCHORDs if you want to learn begleri and a pouch to protect your new toy!


Do you have hype pics for the new drop tonight?

Do the center rods fit the smaller Voodoo begleri?

And is there a way to get just the rods themselves (to go with MFD begleri I already own)?

They fit, but I don’t find it as comfortable as the larger ones, that ridge from the center piece just rubs on your fingers.

We don’t have any center rods to sell individually at the moment, but it would be a good idea. Maybe MFD will do that in the future.



I do something really similar with a quarter that’s already in my pocket.:rofl:

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