New iyoyo iPPON & FiRROX 7075!


The next release from iYoYo features a completely new shape paired with their beloved combo of CNC machined Polycarbonate and Stainless Steel Rims. The iPPON!

The iPPON has a clean look, a standout feel, and all the performance you expect from a new iYoYo hybrid model. A machined plastic body offers the perfect grind finish and the concave metal hubs lock in fingerspins with ease. The profile fitted weight rings provide a smooth maneuverable feel in play and the sharp angled design gives the iPPON some impressive speed when you need it!

Quickly becoming an iYoYo team favorite, the iPPON is sure to impress even the pickiest of throwers with it’s versatile design!

FiRROX 7075:

The Firrox 7075 was designed for fast and dynamic yo-yo players looking for the best gear for contests and intense practices. The body is machined from the more expensive and much stronger 7075 aircraft aluminium which reduces the weight of FiRROX and allows for a better weight distribution. The shape has a few tweaks and the end result is a yoyo that’s of superior quality, maneuvers quickly through any speed combo and stays perfectly balanced for horizontal play.