New-ish tricks: Soul Autopsy, Melancholy Mechanism, Ruined Illusions

(DOGS) #1

Had some time to film today. I chose to do some tricks I can do easily just due to time shortage. They are fun nonetheless.

Soul Autopsy

Melancholy Mechanism

Ruined Illusions

I just needed to get these tricks out of my system. I’ve been going nuts without anything to film!


Really coooooooooool ;D Please Please make a Tutorial ::slight_smile:


purdy kool


Awesome tricks!!! I want a tut please!!

(DOGS) #5

I’ll probably have time to make one walkthrough this weekend or Monday. Which one would you guys want?


All of them

(1A) #7

last one needs smoothening and you should try to put them all into a faster combo because they are relatively short each as individual tricks

(DOGS) #8

short good.

fast bad.

last one is chunky, the roll especially. My excuse is that the movements are awkward to begin with.



I see no problem here…


sweet! i liked the tempo of these tricks,they would work well in a combo together. be careful i think thats poison ivy next to your feet! :slight_smile:


I Really like it, can you make a tut, especially the ruined illusions