New from Japan Tech – The Gull Wing!

The Gull Wing is a large 4A yo-yo. The goal with this new design was to create a big, wide, and light yo-yo built for competitive play, which is no easy feat. There’s a lot of trial and error with a design of this nature and they went through several prototypes before they dialed in the weight distribution.

Building a yo-yo like this is a lot of work. Instead of going with a shape they knew would be successful, Japan Tech was dedicated to push their ideas to a new level and complete the project at hand. The end result is an absolute joy to throw!

The Gull Wing is large, wide, and has a nice presence on the string while remaining light and bouncy in play. The mid-center weight distribution keeps it super maneuverable in play and the large size offers the perfect stability and spin time. The Gull Wing handles regens with ease, blazes through speed combos, and has enough stability for risky off plane tricks – Everything you need in a new competition level 4A yo-yo!