Japan Tech FiReal Restock!

The Fireal was designed to be different from the standard popular competition yo-yos on the market today. Instead of focusing weight distribution heavily towards the rims they chose a more even weight distribution. Complemented by the slightly flared profile and nice stepped inner cup and this yo-yo has a feel unlike any other!

http://yoyoexpert.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/japan-tech-fireal2.png http://yoyoexpert.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/japan-tech-fireal4.png

The Fireal has such a fun and unique feel in play. The light weight and flared profile make this yo-yo move as fast as you need it to go while the even weight distribution gives you so much maneuverability you’d swear it was reading your mind!


Draupnir gap… Hefty price… Unknown company… Cup of a shutter… Im in! How does it play?

I know at least 2 people who say that FiReal is life, FiReal is love. :wink:

I haven’t tried one yet.

^I’m one of those people! Best Monometal yoyo.

Unknown company? These guys have been going for a while now.
Well known for their offstring yoyos, less for their 1A throws.

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I need to try out short string some time.