New Fixed Challenge- Anything you can do I can do better... #fixedcircle


NOAH- 1 Pt

So let’s keep this challenge train going, I know many are trying to outperform one another on the Kickflip challenge, Someone and Logi landed some CRAZY tricks to be claimed the two top dogs, but let’s try a challenge for ourselves.  This shouldn’t fall under one trick that may knock out one persons, throwing and fixed is about many tries to land that ONE crazy trick.  Let’s continue to see how far this group of amazing fixed players can take it.

We will do a trick circle, named #fixedcircle… someone throws the challenge, someone has to match it and throw the next… like a trick circle…

Rules: I posted the first #fixedcircle challenge below.  The next person has to land this trick on film, then post your own challenge for the rest of us. (you have to post both videos at the same time to keep the game going), clock restarts at time of post.

This is open, so anyone can beat you to post.  We can veto your submission if not done as shown.

I repeat, not everyone has to land the trick, just one person, and they post the next challenge when they land the current.

You land the trick, you get a point, you HAVE to throw down a challenge… it can be walk the dog, rock the baby, or some crazy Ed Haponik/Drew Tetz shenanigans.  Your call!  If you are fast to the easy ones, you can get points, this is about being on it and ready to film/land stuff.

Anyone can beat you to it, if no one hits your trick at 5 days, you can throw another challenge after collecting your point.  If no one hits your first trick, make the next one less challenging to keep this going.

This is not for a prize, only for bragging rights.

We will keep a tally of how many rounds members have won… who will be the champion?  and how long until he/she is knocked off from the top… that’s half the fun…

First challenge:

Snap Start (you can throw once to get bind tight), Trapeze, Eli hops (x 2), summersault back to hand.

Let’s do this!

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Back to learning snap starts. Though each time I attempt one, best I can get is a half return. I don’t know how you guys do it.

Lots and lots of pain and bruising’ll give you good snapstarts… lol

I’ll give it a shot  :slight_smile:


My combo:

Wrist mount to trapeze (standard dismount), cheese whip into wrist mount again, then perform bucket style dismount into trapeze stall as shown, kick flip once, then perform a makin da zines out.

Kinda a fun wrist mount combo I thought up today.  Good luck!  Thanks for the idea Berto!

This should help with the dismount if it’s unclear:

Dude, that is a SWEET fixed axle combo… I’ll give it a shot!

Too cool man, too cool!

And I changed the rules a little, it’s a point per trick you hit first, so we have the first person on the board.

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That dismount… trying to get it with good spin…

Dude, this is a great fixed combo.

Looks like we have no takers… oh well… it’s all about an idea and timing… our timing was not right… we may try this again some other time.

I think that making this thread open not only to fixed axle, but also to all other styles of I yoyoing would make it more popular.

Yeah right after Ed’s challenge and his kickflip one as well. Someday hopefully!

I would have done this. But dis trick is really hard and I don’t really want to learn it that much. But I might…

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Looks like Someone’s trick is either too intimidating, or people just don’t feel like doing this…

I tried it. I failed. Hard.

Berto, I think you have a great idea. You offering was with in my abilities but then it got beyond me. I look forward to seeing what others offer.

Should I post an easier combo?

DO not dummy it down for me. I enjoy watching what others can accomplish. Besides, I do not have the setup to record.


no. I’m gonna try kt get it down as soon as school is done.
Edit never mind my fixed axle just broke.

The trick is good, I think I can hit it if I tried many times enough, just did not have much spare time lately…
Guess I’ll see what I can do tomorrow.

I haven’t had time to try and record this trick, it’s doable,

I wasn’t intending to kill the contest for sure guys, I know you can do it!

I’ll do an easier one though if I must. :slight_smile: